Support The Creative Cups™ Project To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness! @AdelphiU #Sponsored

*I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour on behalf of TapInfluence and Adelphi University and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.     As a Survivor, cancer awareness is a cause that is extremely personal to me and close to my heart. I'm a seven-year Leukemia Survivor and my family and loved ones have also been affected by other kinds of cancer. My great-grandmother died from Breast Cancer and I actually had my own mammogram scare last year when I was asked to return for further testing because they saw something on my images. One of the things that most people will tell you is that receiving a cancer diagnosis can be devastating and extremely lonely. At that moment, you feel like you don't have anyone to talk to or who understands what you are going through.     I was very excited to find out that Adelphi University is home to the NYS Breast Cancer Hotline. They realized that … [Read more...]

Monday Mingle #130

    The time has come for another Monday Mingle. It is always a pleasure to meet those of you who are linking up for the first time and to see those of you back who have been linking up for a long time. It is so exciting to link up with you guys week after week!  I hope you all had an amazing Summer as I know some of you have gone Back to School already.  Please share whatever tips you have for Back to School in the comments below with the rest of us!     There are always exciting things going on here at Tough Cookie Mommy.  We discuss important topics, try out new products, attend great events, travel with the family and conduct exciting giveaways.  Please make sure you don't miss any Monday Mingles and remember to subscribe via email.     This blog hop continues to be for everyone with NO RULES. Personally, I hate having to follow a bunch of rules just to connect with all of you so this hop will continue to be RULE FREE!     I hope you are all ready for a great week of networking. … [Read more...]

Goodbye Blogger, Hello Self Hosted WordPress!

    What a week this has been!  I cannot even begin to explain to you guys how great it feels to be writing this post.  This post is a testament to the fact that I am finally finished moving my blog from Blogger to self hosted Wordpress.  Although I am still alive to tell you how it all went, I do have some virtual bumps, bruises, and scratches to prove that this was no easy task by any means. Let me begin by explaining to you guys that this was a move that I have been contemplating for awhile now.  However, from reading a wealth of articles and blog posts about this topic, I was well aware that it was not going to happen overnight nor would it easy to do.  So, as a result of this, I pushed it to the back of my mind and worked hard to learn everything that I could about Blogger so that I would be able to fully customize my blog on their platform.  Over time, I felt pretty confident changing HTML code on Blogger and designing various aspects of my blog so I was pretty content.  This … [Read more...]