Judge My Character, Not My Tattoos!

    Today I had an interesting conversation on social media about the correlation between tattoos and piercings and a lack of professionalism in the workplace, specifically in the education field.  Let me begin by saying that I have both tattoos and piercings and have been an educator for the past thirteen years.  Of those years, I have always been regarded as an exemplary teacher by my supervisors as well as my colleagues.  The way that I choose to express myself has never been an issue nor has it impeded me from being a true professional.     Frankly, I take offense to statements that suggest that people with tattoos or piercings are inappropriate or unprofessional.  My excellence as a teacher should not depend on how I look or what I'm wearing.  As a matter of fact, some of the least qualified or unprepared educators that I have encountered throughout my career had neither tattoos or piercings so what does that say?  The way that I choose to express myself or my individuality does … [Read more...]

To Be Or Not To Be…

    Ever since as far back as I could remember I've had a big mouth.  Yes, I said it, a big one.  Not the kind of big mouth that tells everyone all of your secrets.  That's reserved for other definitions of big mouths.  My problem, or blessing depending on which way you look at it, has always been that I always say exactly how I feel out loud.     I realize that some of you might not see this as an issue at all because you like to surround yourself with "straight-shooters' like myself.  Believe me when I tell you, though, that opening my mouth and saying how I felt has gotten me into my share of problems over the years.  Sometimes people don't want to hear what you have to say and they just want you to listen.  I get that...     What I have never understood is society's level of hypocrisy.  It's almost as if most people would prefer to wander through life being phony to one another.  I can't tell you how many times I have stood in awe as supposed friends and family members have … [Read more...]