Why Should You Sponsor Me To Attend A Blogging Conference?

    Many companies don't know that Blogging conferences take place all year.  They attract thousands of attendees from all over the world to take part in hands-on learning, intellectual discussions, and opportunities to network with brands that understand the importance of working with bloggers to increase their brand visibility.     During these conferences, the connections that have been made on social media platforms between bloggers and brands come to life.  It is an opportunity to make those crucial face-to-face connections that have been an integral part of business for decades.  I attended a blogging conference last year and it allowed me to network and connect with hundreds of other bloggers and brands and helped me create business relationships that have continued to be mutually beneficial even to this day.     I would like to secure a sponsor, or multiple sponsors, to attend some of the largest blogging conferences in the United States. Why should your company sponsor me … [Read more...]

Will You Sponsor Me?

    I'm sure most of you who are serious Bloggers like I am have already found out that a certain blogging conference is going to take place in New York City next August.  Obviously, I don't have to tell you how exciting that bit of news is to me because I live in NYC so it has become entirely possible for me to attend next year.  Attending such a prestigious event with my fellow Bloggers would definitely be the culmination of all my hard work on this blog for the past two years.     Recently, I wrote a post about how there is some secrecy in the blogging world with regards to monetizing and PR.  You can read all about it here.  In any case, I am finding out that this is especially true when it comes to what's involved in having a company sponsor you to attend a blogging event.  I'm not sure if everyone is afraid that all of the sponsorships will run out if they share the information with other bloggers or if a lot of them really don't know how to go about obtaining a … [Read more...]