Aerobie Megatop Review and Giveaway

          My boys love to have fun playing indoors and outdoors.  We've had the pleasure of reviewing Aerobie products before but we were especially excited to have the opportunity to check out the Aerobie Megatop.  It is a high-performance, precision-crafted spinning top that can achieve spin rates of over 3000 rotations per minute.  As the mother of two boys, I can tell you that this kind of fun is right up their alley.     The Megatop comes with a catching plate for tricks and a Spin-booster to speed up and prolong the spin.  Although it is recommended for ages 8 and up, I can tell you that my five year old also had a blast spinning his Megatop.  As a matter of fact, us adults enjoyed playing with it just as much as the kids did.  It really kept the kids occupied for hours and my husband and I loved the fact that the boys could play with it outside and inside the house.     We really enjoyed doing tricks with the Megatop and playing games with it.  Since it is perimeter … [Read more...]