Lessons of Going in Circles

    Today's Guest Blogger is Kelly, author of the blog Mom Got Blog.  Kelly writes slice of life stories of every day life on kids, marriage and everything else adding to the journey. She also shares her love of sports and food and invites you to visit her blog any time!          As a parent of two teens, I am always going in circles it seems.        Teens tend to keep the argument going and going and going for whatever they are asking to do, ignoring the "no" that has escaped my lips over and over again. I am "uncool" because I am not doing what all the other parents are doing-which according to my kids is saying "yes".       And it is true....I am not like all the other parents.       I am also a Speedskater.       I followed my desire to learn how to speedskate nine years ago after waiting about eight years to find a place to do so. I shared that first practice experience in a post Influence, Olympic Style  and I have not looked back since!       I mostly skate the … [Read more...]