Clean All Surfaces With Soft Scrub Total! #PurexInsider

    There are always certain products that are a staple in your household cleaning arsenal.  In our home, Soft Scrub has always been one of those cleaning products.  As I've shared with you guys before, I can remember my mother using Soft Scrub cleanser to clean many of the rooms in our home growing up.  Now that I am the woman of my own home, I still trust it to clean as well as I remember.     New Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Bath and Kitchen Cleanser has an improved formula that boasts superior cleaning power to tackle all of your stains.  It has an ergonomic new bottle design and a new cap for easier dispensing.  This translates into better cleaning and faster rinsing for your tile, grout, sinks, and tubs.     We had our bathroom remodeled a year ago and we spent a lot of time choosing just the right fixtures and flooring to suit our personal decorating needs.  The finished product was exactly what we wanted but, with the new sink and ceramic tiles, we constantly worry … [Read more...]