All The Cool Guys Wear Snoopy Gear! #Giveaway @Snoopy #Partner

    My son loves wearing shorts and T-Shirts.  I think he would wear them all year long if my husband and I allowed him to.  Lately, I have noticed that he has been wearing mostly graphic tees and refuses to let me buy him anything else when we go clothes shopping.  Hubby is thrilled because he says our son takes after him in his fashion preferences.     Although I feel like Charlie Brown when he says "Good grief!" I respect his right to express himself, even through the clothes that he wears.  Now that it is summer, he is loving tees featuring Snoopy and the gang.  If my son is wearing Snoopy gear, it is definitely cool!     Whether Snoopy is "dancin' in the streets," chilling on his doghouse, or displaying his very unique style, he's certainly the Joe Coolest. And Charlie Brown's zigzag has never looked more straight-up fashion forward!  I can definitely tell you that all the hip people are wearing Snoopy gear according to my Tween!     I am offering three readers of Tough Cookie … [Read more...]