Combine Everything You Love About Your Smartphone And Tablet! @ASUSUSA #Giveaway #Ad

    It's no secret that I am a techie at heart.  I really enjoy tinkering with all of my electronic devices and my two favorite have to be my smartphone and my tablet.  As a matter of fact, I rely so much on my smartphone that I totally freaked out last weekend when I thought my son had lost it  at the auto dealership when I allowed him to play with it.  I cannot even begin to describe to you how much of my personal and professional business is on that smartphone.  Losing it would have been a nightmare of epic proportions.     My tablet is always with me as well.  It shouldn't come as much of a surprise, after all, I am a blogger.  I sometimes have to jump on my tablet during my lunch break at work to respond to client emails and even post to my social media accounts.  It would be such a convenience if I could somehow combine these two devices to take advantage of everything that I love about both of them simultaneously.     ASUS Computers has beaten me to the punchline and has … [Read more...]

Cortana Gives Busy Super Moms Everywhere A Helping Hand! #Lumia #Giveaway @NokiaUS

    I'm not going to lie, even I need a helping hand from time to time.  Although I don't like to admit it, there is only a certain amount of time in the day to get everything done and I'm only one person.  Today I'm feeling especially overwhelmed because it is only Monday and my whole week is already booked with things that need to get done.  I often think how wonderful it would be if I could clone myself or, at the very least, hire an assistant to help me out from time to time.     As a matter of fact, the closest thing that I have to an assistant is my smartphone.  The Nokia Lumia 635 smartphone comes equipped with Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana.  Not only does she have a cool name but talking to her is almost like having a human conversation.  Her capabilities include being able to set reminders for you to remember to pick up dinner, track flight departure and arrival times, send messages, share weather forecasts with you, and even answer all your questions.     Talking … [Read more...]

Simplify Your Life And Never Miss An Opportunity! #TheNextBigThing @SamsungMobileUS #Ad

*I participated in this campaign on behalf of Samsung Mobile US. I received a promotional item to facilitate this review and as a thank you item for participating. All opinions are my own.        It's no secret that I am a very busy woman.  Besides having a full-time career and raising two children, I run a household and I'm also a blogger.  Although I enjoy wearing all of these hats and wouldn't trade any of them, it is sometimes a challenge to juggle all of these responsibilities.  As a result, I rely on efficient products to simplify my life and to ensure that I never miss any opportunity.     Most people will tell you that their smartphone is important to them but, for me, my smartphone is literally the lifeline that allows me to keep up with all of my roles and to stay connected with those who truly matter to me.  Recently, I changed smartphones to the new Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 because I was amazed at all of its innovative features.  Without any hesitation whatsoever, I … [Read more...]

Stretch Your Tax Dollars With Walmart Best Plans! #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias #Shop #Ad

*I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and its client. All opinions and ideas are 100% my own and are not influenced by anyone or anything.     My husband and I have been considering getting a smartphone for our 10 year-old son for a while now.  Mainly it is because he is on the Junior Varsity basketball team and has practices and games many times per week.  In addition to his basketball schedule, he has recently been accepted into the Drama Club at school.  A few times, he had to go to the main office to call us to pick him up later due to practices lasting longer than usual.  Cheap wireless plans would be our only option in order to stay within our family's budget.     We decided that he really needs his own phone to be able to call us whenever he needs to.  Unfortunately, many of the wireless plans that we have seen are too expensive so we set out to … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Anything Come Between You And Your Touch Screen! @URPowered #Ad

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of U|R® POWERED. I received a promotional item to facilitate this post and as a thank you item for participating.  All opinions are my own.       I never leave my house without my smartphone.  There are just too many things that I manage through my phone to ever be caught without it.  While I love having a touch screen that puts everything at my disposal with just a quick touch or a mere swipe of the hand, it's hard to do so during the cold winter months when I have gloves on.     I had no idea, however, that U|R® POWERED created an innovative and invisible solution that enables you to operate touch screen devices with all five fingers without taking your gloves off!  The best part is that they have made these gloves to not only be functional but to also be stylish and fashionable.     The U|R® POWERED collection comes in a variety of styles, materials and colors for men and women.  Their connected accessories also include audio … [Read more...]

Protect All Of Your Gadgets With Speck Cases! @SpeckProducts #Ad

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Speck Products. I received a promotional item to facilitate this review and as a thank you item for participating.  All opinions are my own.       I am one of those people who is constantly worrying about making sure that all of my electronic devices and gadgets stay in good condition.  There are many reasons for this including the fact that they are very expensive and that I rely on them for a lot of things that go on in my life on a daily basis.  After all, I'm a blogger and an educator and both of these professions require constant Internet access along with the ability to communicate with others quickly and easily.      Speck’s smartphone and tablet cases are protective and stylish at the same time.  I love that I don't have to worry about bulky plastic encasing on any of my gadgets! They have tons of designs that are perfect for everyone on your list – from jetsetters to techies to parents with young kids.  We now protect almost … [Read more...]

Capturing Precious Memories! #Troop8X #HTC8X

    We are definitely a sports family.  Although I am not very good at sports, my husband is an avid sportsman and my sons both play basketball and baseball.  There is nothing more exciting than cheering your children on at a sporting event.  Besides the pride that one feels as a parent, it is wonderful to know some of the skills that sports are teaching our boys which they can use on and off the court or baseball field.     It is very important to be able to capture all of these precious moments on camera and to be able to look back on our children's successes and joyful moments.  The HTC8X boasts an ultra-wide angle front facing camera which is just perfect for video chatting and keeping in touch with family and friends.  Additionally, it has an amazing 8-megapixel camera which takes beautiful and crisp photos and practically brings events to life in its images.     We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to review this amazing phone and have been around town taking the … [Read more...]

Are You Protected In The Event Of A Mobile Mishap? $40 Amazon GC Giveaway #AsurionSaves

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Asurion.       If you are anything like me, you have your whole life on your smartphone.  I control every aspect of my life, work, and business from my phone and all of my important information is saved on it in order to facilitate all of the work that I do with it.  Protecting myself in the event of a mobile mishap never really occurred to me until a couple of years ago when something unthinkable happened to my phone.     My husband and I attended a gathering that was scheduled at a local lounge by some of my co-workers to celebrate before going on Christmas vacation.  We spent a few hours there and headed home after having a great time.  While we were on the highway, I decided to call my mother to check on my sons since she was baby-sitting for us.  After speaking to her I placed my phone on my lap and didn't think about it again.     Fast forward to a couple of hours later after we had already been home for awhile...I … [Read more...]