New Phone, New Life! #Troop8X #HTC8X

    Ever since I got my new HTC8X Windows phone, it has enhanced my life in so many ways.  Not only is it a sleek and beautiful phone, but it has just helped me to get organized and made my life much easier.  I am able to manage my business interactions as well as my personal interactions seamlessly.  It all begins with the Live Tiles on the home screen that let me know everything that is happening in real time!     Another awesome feature is the ability to stay abreast of what all of my friends are up to on the social media platforms that I belong to.  Not only do I stay updated on all of their posts and statuses, but I can also inbox them to get together for coffee or lunch by checking the "see+do" Live Tile.  It tells me what businesses and restaurants are in the area as well as what events are taking place locally.     As many of you know, we had a blizzard here in New York City a few weeks ago.  No sweat because I knew all about it ahead of time and was able to … [Read more...]