You Said What About My Kids?!?!

    Today I took my sons to the park with my husband.  This was just like any other ordinary trip to the park with the family except for one specific incident...     It was a beautiful day and the park was full of happy children and their parents.  I immediately found a bench to sit on which allowed me to supervise my boys from all angles of the park.  My husband and I sat down and proceeded to laugh and talk as the boys climbed on the Jungle Gym and made friends with the other kids.     After awhile, my husband ran into another parent from my sons' school who has coached intramural basketball with him in the past.  The two men stood and talked a good distance from me as they watched the kids organizing a game of baseball, my boys included.     As they were talking, another man sat a few benches away from me with his son.  I only noticed them when they came in so I wasn't paying much attention to the conversation he was having with his son.  Eventually, his son walked over to the … [Read more...]