7 Things You Should Know Before Buying From A Discount Shopping App

    You might have seen those discount shopping apps out there, the ones like Wish that promise you fantastic deals for just pennies on the dollar. And while many people love these budget shopping apps and the bargains they find, there are a few things you should know before you click the checkout button. Take a look below at 7 things you should know before buying from a discount shopping app, so you can be sure you are being a smart consumer and getting the best value for your money. 1. They charge shipping per item.
 Most shopping sites such as Amazon or Old Navy charge you a flat shipping fee. When you buy products from bargain shipping apps, you typically pay per item. That means if you buy 7 items, you will pay shipping 7 times. Be sure you know what the shipping charges entail so you don’t get stuck with surprises. 2. Shipping can take at least one month.
 Most of these bargain shopping apps are ran overseas, so you will need to be patient once you order. … [Read more...]