Make Family Game Night An Educational Experience! @SchoolSpecialty @KidzVuz #Ad

        It's no secret that I love educational games.  After all, as a seasoned educator for well over ten years, I like to take advantage of every opportunity to engage both of my sons in learning.  Since we enjoy family game night once a week, I've been on the lookout for games that will translate into improved academic performance.  The tricky part has been finding games that not only teach them something, but that are also fun to play at the same time.     As a Literacy Specialist, I was thrilled to learn about the learning game Smartmouth!  It is a word game which helps kids to expand their vocabulary by using letters to shout out words that correspond to a variety of word categories.  One of the areas that most students struggle with, when it comes to fluency and comprehension, is vocabulary.  This game allows them to compete to see who can make the best words within 60 seconds.     The concept behind this game is very simple.  First, players roll the die to determine the … [Read more...]