The Case of the Terrible Contractor

      Many of you might remember that I had some extensive work done in my house last year. We had the bathroom completely gutted out and rebuilt, created a laundry room, had the floors done, painted, etc. For exactly three months, my entire house was a complete mess and the contractor that we hired to do the work did not help the situation at all because he was completely unreliable and undependable.     Let me give you guys a little background on how and why we hired him. You see, he had done some work in my brother's house and he came with recommendations with regards to the kind of work that he did. I will not take that away from him, he is trained as a mason and he does beautiful work when he is not too busy being a lazy bum. Unfortunately, I didn't know the entire details about the kind of person he was when I contracted him to come into my home.     The first week that he came to work for me, he just did not show up one day. I called him after a few hours had passed to … [Read more...]