Beautiful Creatures Prize Pack Giveaway! #MisHermosasCriaturas

    Everyone loves a magically romantic love affair.  After all, it's February and the biggest romantic holiday of the year takes place during this month.  This Valentine's Day, dark secrets will come to light as Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment bring the next ultimate love story to the big screen.     Beautiful Creatures tells the story of two star-crossed lovers named Ethan and Lena.  He is a young man who is longing to escape a small town and venture out into the world and she is a mysterious new arrival to this place that is otherwise uneventful most of the time.  Together, they uncover and reveal dark secrets not only about their own families but also about their history and the town that they live in.         Together they forge a bond that grows stronger and stronger with time.  Unfortunately, along the way they become entangled web of lies from which they might not be able to escape.  There isn't a dull moment in the lives of these two lovers and … [Read more...]