A Teacher’s List Of Must-Have Items For Back To School #BackToSchool @Puffs #Ad

    Since most of you are parents, I'm sure that you receive a list of back to school supplies every single year from your child's teacher.  My sons actually receive their lists in June so that we have the whole Summer to purchase them for when they return to school in September.       Since I have been an educator for over fifteen years, I have devised my own list of must-have items for back to school.  You may be surprised that some of the items that I consider to be a necessity don't fall into what are considered to be conventional school supplies.     Over the years, I have realized that keeping kids healthy when they go back to school is also very important.  Every year I notice that my students get sick during the first few months of the school year.  This happens because they spend a lot of time in the classroom around other children who often sneeze and catch colds as the seasons change from Summer to Fall. … [Read more...]