Raising Preemie Awareness on World Prematurity Day! #ProtectPreemies #RSV

    My nine year old son gave us quite a scare when he was six months old.  He got sick and, fairly quickly, it started to affect his breathing so we immediately brought him to the emergency room.  After treating him with asthma medications, he was sent home with instructions to give him treatments on the nebulizer daily to ease his breathing.  While he had been in the hospital, they took a swab culture of the mucus in his nose and told us they would contact us in a few days with the results.     A couple of days later, our Pediatrician called us and he told us that our son had tested positive for RSV.  I had heard this term before on television and knew it was a respiratory disease that was extremely dangerous to premature babies.  Little did I know that it could be dangerous to all babies under a year old and that it could potentially be lethal to preemies.  We were lucky because our boy was old enough and strong enough to recover from it quickly.     Unfortunately, premature … [Read more...]