Feeling Safer Away From Home Just Got Easier! @LifeFone #Giveaway #Partner

    As many of you know, my nine year-old son was diagnosed with epilepsy this year.  This has not been an easy journey because, as parents, we want to protect our children all the time from every potential danger.  Unfortunately, that is not always possible when you are a Working Mom and your children attend school during the day.       Not being able to protect him from having seizures at all times can be very frightening and difficult.  LifeFone Mobile Alert and LifeFone Family Guard are enabling parents across the country to protect their children and families even when they are not physically together.       Through the use of smartphone app enabled services, you can have access to a trained central station professional who can immediately alert First Responders until you or your loved one is safe.  As parents we know that sometimes emergencies arise in the least likely places like the mall, at school, away at … [Read more...]

Stay Safe Through All The Stages Of Your Life! #MasterLockProtects @MasterLockUS #Giveaway #Ad

    Over the years, I have always had a Master Lock safe in my home.  It started when I was a teenager and lived in my parents' house.  Since I didn't have a bank account yet, I would stash my valuables and important papers in my portable safe.  My parents actually took me to buy it to teach me how to be responsible.  I've loved the feeling of security that I enjoy knowing that documents such as my birth certificate and passport are safe and protected under lock and key.     I've been looking for a safe lately that I could keep in my car that will allow me to store my valuables safely while living in an urban environment.  The Master Lock SafeSpace® Portable Personal Safe was perfect for me because it features durable construction made to withstand abuse and it's water resistant at the same time.  With its compact design, this safe is ideal for recreation, campus, office, travel or leisure use.  My husband loves that it includes a cable to wrap securely around a fixed object or use as … [Read more...]

Regain Your Freedom And Get Your Life Back! #Underwareness @Depend #Ad

    It is the embarrassing little secret that most women don't want to talk about because nobody wants to admit that they suffer from it.  The reality is that bladder leakage is a condition that affects millions of people, especially mothers who often experience this after childbirth.  I personally have dealt with this problem since having children and it's not something that other mothers warned me about when I was pregnant.     Truthfully, not only is it embarrassing but it can be really uncomfortable too when it happens in public places.  Sometimes all it takes is a cough or a sneeze to cause some leakage and it is really important to always be prepared for it because it can be absorbed through your clothes and you do have to worry about odors and hygiene as a result of it.  Thankfully, Depend is available for people of all ages which is great considering that more people with bladder leakage are in their 20’s than their 80’s!     I have to be honest, when I first realized that … [Read more...]

Protect What You Love And Care About The Most! #MasterLockProtects @MasterLockUS #Ad

*I participated in this campaign on behalf of Master Lock. I received a promotional item to facilitate this review and as a thank you item for participating.  All opinions are my own.       I've always been very clear that my children and my family are my top priorities.  Everything that I do in my life is with their best interests at heart.  Part of loving and caring for them is making sure that they are safe at all times and that I educate them about staying secure in a variety of situations.     Recently, Master Lock kicked off their year-long initiative aimed at helping consumers to protect all that they love and care about in 2014.  They really know what they are talking about when it comes to safety because they are the world's largest manufacturer of padlocks and other security products.     The campaign will continue throughout the year by providing a series of safety tips and advice to families.  Master Lock made an initial donation to the American Red Cross … [Read more...]