Just Say No To Working Mom’s Guilt!

    This evening, I was having a conversation with my dear friend and fellow blogger Alexandra Elizabeth.  She shared with me how she experiences a daily struggle to find just the right balance between being a professional working mom and spending enough time with her daughter.  It was an all too familiar discussion for me because, as an educator, I also worry constantly whether I am doing a good job juggling my many roles including being a career woman and mother.     Take this past week, for example, there were many events that took place that reminded me just how thin I spread myself on a daily basis.  I believe it was Wednesday when I emailed my son's teacher back and forth to discuss that he hasn't been handing in his assignments to her in a timely manner.  Now, of course I supervise both of my sons' homework completion every evening.     However, since I work full-time, I have to admit that there are some evenings when I'm just exhausted and I skim over the assignments just to … [Read more...]