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    When I was pregnant with both of my sons, I experienced significant swelling in my ankles and my feet.  Since I continued teaching throughout my pregnancies, and stand on my feet all day, I would find myself extremely uncomfortable by the time I got home.     Most of the compression socks that I found at the time were not very fashionable and not particularly comfortable.  Thankfully, pregnant women and everyday people today don't have to worry about that because VIM & VIGR brings the benefits of compression socks to more people who need everyday relief.     In my case as a teacher, being on my feet daily puts greater strain on my circulatory system and on my legs and feet, which can cause fatigue and varicose veins.  People in professions where they have to be on their feet all the time, such as healthcare providers, teachers, hair stylists, flight attendants and servers, are at an increased risk of suffering these conditions.     Additionally, pregnancy increases blood … [Read more...]

It’s Not A Taboo Subject Anymore! #DropYourPants #Underwareness @Depend #Ad

    Ever since becoming a mom, I have realized that there are many topics surrounding pregnancy and childbirth that some women never talk about because they are not so pleasant.  One of those subjects is bladder leakage and, let me tell you, it might not be sexy but it is definitely a reality for a lot of us after having kids.  It's a common misconception that this condition only affects older people because I'm 37 years old and I've had my own experiences with it already.     After giving birth to our second son, I noticed that sneezing and coughing hard would sometimes cause me to have a little bladder leakage.  Other times, I would just notice that it would happen during the day while engaging in everyday activities like working or walking.  I was embarrassed by it at first but, over time, I have learned to accept it since most of the women in our family are open about going through it as well since having kids.     To deal with my slight bladder leakage, I've used pantyliners … [Read more...]

Pamper Your Skin Without Harmful Chemicals! @BelliSkincare #Giveaway #Ad

*This post was written by me on behalf of Belli ®. I received complimentary product samples to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine.      Ever since having children, my skin has undergone some subtle and some not so subtle changes.  Prior to being pregnant, I had oily skin on my face and struggled to manage shine and occasional breakouts.  Post-pregnancy, my skin went from being oily to combination skin with some very dry areas.  Taking care of dry skin is something that is new to me because I've never had to use moisturizer or worry about flaking.  As a result, I have had to reevaluate my skin care routine to address some of these changes.     Lately, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a skin care line that is specifically formulated to care for your skin during pregnancy and beyond.  I knew that this would be a great option for my needs since the changes to my skin had arisen from pregnancy and childbirth.  Belli ® delivers trusted skin care … [Read more...]