Stay Safe Through All The Stages Of Your Life! #MasterLockProtects @MasterLockUS #Giveaway #Ad

    Over the years, I have always had a Master Lock safe in my home.  It started when I was a teenager and lived in my parents' house.  Since I didn't have a bank account yet, I would stash my valuables and important papers in my portable safe.  My parents actually took me to buy it to teach me how to be responsible.  I've loved the feeling of security that I enjoy knowing that documents such as my birth certificate and passport are safe and protected under lock and key.     I've been looking for a safe lately that I could keep in my car that will allow me to store my valuables safely while living in an urban environment.  The Master Lock SafeSpace® Portable Personal Safe was perfect for me because it features durable construction made to withstand abuse and it's water resistant at the same time.  With its compact design, this safe is ideal for recreation, campus, office, travel or leisure use.  My husband loves that it includes a cable to wrap securely around a fixed object or use as … [Read more...]