Head To BJ’s Wholesale Club This Holiday Season! @BJsWholesale #Partner

    I know the holidays can be busy, but BJ's is here to make sure you have a successful season and can enjoy every minute! Because whether you need a turkey and hand towels or green beans and gifts, BJ's is your one-stop-shop to help you get the holidays done right.       Trust me I know all about being overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done for the holidays!  I still have to wrap all the presents tonight and get everything ready for Christmas morning tomorrow.     Last night, we headed to our local BJ's Wholesale Club to pick up all of the beverages that we needed to take to my brother's house this weekend.  It was very convenient being able to find everything that we needed at one location.       A lot of you probably don't know that you can shop for a variety of items this holiday season at BJ's.  They also carry a huge selection of today's hottest toys at really great prices. … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Getting Your Family Ready For Back To School! #StreamTeam @Netflix #Partner

    I cannot believe how quickly the summer is over!  In less than one week, students will be getting ready for back to school here in New York City.  Honestly, it is a bitter-sweet time for me because I relish every moment that I get to spend with both of my boys during summer vacation.  As a Working Mom, I have to try to take advantage of the opportunities that I have to enjoy some quality time with them.     No more letting them get away with staying up past their bedtime or sleeping in every morning.  It's time to get their brains working and their creative juices flowing so they can start the academic year off on the right foot.  That is exactly what I love so much about Netflix, its movies and television shows allow me to get them back into school mode while making them think that they are just having fun.  Don't tell them but, they are actually learning something while watching these programs. Here are five tips for getting … [Read more...]

Back To School Facebook Giveaway! $25 Amazon/Paypal #Giveaway #BTS #Partner

    If you love shopping at Sears, Kmart or Land's End online OR in the store you should definitely join Shop Your Way Rewards.  It is the FREE rewards program that gives you points for buying the items you purchase regularly at Sears, Kmart, Sears Automotive and other participating retailers.       These stores are known for carrying well-known brands such as Craftsman, Diehard, and Kenmore.  Shop Your Way Rewards Members get the most value for what they spend their hard-earned money on.   Member benefits include: • Earning 10 points for every dollar you spend.  You can use those points towards your next purchase!  There is NO minimum requirement to utilize your earned points.  Plus, Shop Your Way is always awarding Surprise Points!  • Exclusive access to entertaining sweeps that award fantastic prizes. • Exclusive Coupons and Deals – if you sign up and choose me as your Personal Shopper, I can send you even more … [Read more...]

Join Us In Search Of New Dragons! #StreamTeam @Netflix #Partner

    This past week, I finally had the chance to sit down and watch Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed watching it along with my nine year-old son.  The two main characters, Hiccup and Toothless risk leaving the safety of their home, on the island of Berk, to search for new dragons.     My boys had a ball using their imaginations to create their own adventures where they set out to find mystical dragons.  They were so excited about possibly finding dragons with some of the abilities of the dragons on the show including sending shock waves, cannon balls and fire blasts.  Who knew that modern dragons had such amazing abilities?     In Dragons: Race to the Edge, Hiccup finds the magical Dragon Eye artifact aboard and abandoned ship.  This discovery leads him to learn that there is much more to find outside the Berk limits and he allows his curiosity to get the best of him.  Hiccup’s own words, “this changes everything,” shows us that … [Read more...]