This afternoon, I was driving home from work when something unfortunate happened.  As I changed lanes on the highway, a small hard object flew up from the road and made a small crack on my windshield.  Normally, I would have gotten upset and immediately started making arrangements to go get the entire windshield replaced as soon as possible.  I guess I can be a little OCD about things like that sometimes.  Today it was different because this event did not affect me as it normally would have.  Sure, I was annoyed that this happened and that I will have to spend money now to get it fixed but, it's not that big of a deal.     Lately, I have been feeling this way about most things that occur that might be annoying, an inconvenience, or otherwise upsetting.  I'm not sure if this is happening because I am getting older or because of life experience but I am starting to put things in perspective and reacting to them accordingly.  The truth is that most things that happen to … [Read more...]