Original Simple Green Review and Giveaway

      We have been using Original Simple Green for a couple of years now and we absolutely love the way that it cleans as well as how fresh it makes everything smell.  A couple of weeks ago, we truly learned to appreciate the fact that it is non-toxic and biodegradable and what exactly what that means to our family and our pet.     It all started when we ran out of our regular bottle of Original Simple Green...We normally use it to clean everything in the house including the dog's crate and his eating area, which can get pretty messy.  Since we were in a rush, we decided to use another household cleaner until the weekend when we would have time to replace our bottle of Simple Green.  Boy was that a big mistake!     Even though we used very little of the other household cleaner, our dog ended up having an allergic reaction to the chemicals in it.  When we discussed this with the veterinarian, he stated that it was quite possible that these chemicals irritated the fur around … [Read more...]