Ring In The New Year With A Rockin $130 #Giveaway

    Every single year, we all hear our friends and family talking about how they are going to stick to all of their New Year's resolutions and everyone tries to start the year with good intentions.  A New Year's resolution is defined as a promise that you make to yourself to begin doing something positive or to stop doing something negative on the first day of the year.     This certainly resonates with me because I was raised to believe that the New Year comes with fresh starts and new beginnings.  It is the perfect opportunity to shed all of the problems and negativity of the previous year and almost to be born again.  The problem is that these resolutions are not that easy to keep up with and most people end up giving up on them fairly quickly.     I'm not sure exactly why people give up on their resolutions so easily but I'm fairly certain that lack of finances sometimes has something to do with it.  For example, some might commit to losing weight in the New Year but they end up … [Read more...]