Neighbors Gone Wild

        Recently we had an altercation with our next door neighbor over the fact that he continues to let his dog defecate in front of my house and does not pick up after her.  His family just moved into the neighborhood a couple of months ago and we have suspected for awhile that he was the culprit that was leaving behind little surprises for us on our front sidewalk.  Obviously we couldn't accuse him without first having some kind of proof so we embarked on a full scale detective investigation to see exactly what was going on.     Let me preface by saying that I had a bad feeling that this particular neighbor was going to be a problem when I realized that he was a crazy nut with no boundaries.  You might think that this is a harsh way to categorize him but I bet you will change your mind when I describe to you some of the things that he has already done since he moved in...     The first thing he did was to jump into another neighbor's car while he was warming it up and … [Read more...]

The Snoopy Neighbor

         I have really nosy neighbors.  Those of you who have been loyal followers of this blog from the beginning know that I have blogged about many of the issues that I have had with them.  Although they are all generally busybodies, there is one specific neighbor who is really barking up the wrong tree.  Last year, he did something that really upset me and inconvenienced me and, since then, he has done everything within his power to do a tap dance on my last nerve.  The icing on the cake has been that I just recently found out that he has been talking about my husband and I to some of the other neighbors.  It is taking all of my patience to keep me from going over to his house and stepping on his garden.  Sure, I know that is immature but, once you hear what I have had to put up with from him, you might be more inclined to agree with me...     This whole thing started last year during the summertime.  I order medication through the mail that I have to take on a daily … [Read more...]