Celebrate Family Milestones With @Netflix #StreamTeam #Partner

   Fall is in full swing in our household.  We had a wonderful time planning for and celebrating Halloween last month and we are now preparing for the other major holidays that are quickly approaching like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As always, one of the things that we really enjoy doing as a family is getting together for family movie night.  Since our son just started his basketball season on the Junior Varsity team, we have decided to celebrate this milestone by watching films as a family after every one of his games.     Having our boys involved in playing competitive sports is very important to my husband and I because they learn about working together and about good sportsmanship towards their teammates.  Since these post-game movie nights are to highlight my son's athletic accomplishments, we have to let him choose movies that are for big kids since he will be twelve next June and he is not a little guy anymore.  Thankfully, Netflix has all of the titles that he loves to … [Read more...]