Nuclear Cowboyz Are Coming To IZOD Center! Ticket Giveaway

    The Nuclear Cowboyz will be taking over the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ on March 15th and 16th!  My family and I had the pleasure of attending their show last year and we had a wonderful time.  It is the only high octane-fueled freestyle motocross touring production in North America.     Two freestyle motocross tribes battle it out for survival in their futuristic world and tell the story through aerial feats, gravity-defying stunts, and an amazing pyrotechnic and laser display accompanied by an electrifying soundtrack.  This year's cast includes recent X Games 2012 medalists Ronnie Faisst, Mike Mason, Taka Higashino and Winter X Games gold and silver medalist Colten Moore.     The tour also includes former gold medalists Adam Jones and Matt Buyten as well as award-winning freestylers Derek Garland, Brody Wilson, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Wes Agee, Nick Dunne, Geoff Aaron, Keith Wineland and Marco Picado.  We had the opportunity to speak to Keith Wineland and ask him some … [Read more...]

We Saw The Nuclear Cowboyz at the IZOD Center!

          Being a working mother, I am always looking for fun and exciting activities to do with my family that allow us to spend quality time together and to enjoy ourselves.  That is why I was absolutely thrilled to be offered the opportunity to attend the Nuclear Cowboyz Motocross Show at the IZOD Center last week.  The minute I told my boys that we were going to attend this event, they asked me every single day if that would be the day we would attend.  Thank goodness the day finally arrived and we headed out to East Rutherford, New Jersey to the IZOD Center.     We arrived early in order to attend the Nuclear Cowboyz Fallout Zone where the kids got to meet and greet all of the riders of the show.  As soon as we walked into the venue, we were immediately treated like VIPs.  We all had to wear VIP badges just to be allowed entry into the restaurant and we were given posters that the riders signed with their autographs.  It was priceless to see the look on my sons' faces as … [Read more...]

Nuclear Cowboyz Family-FMX Show and Ticket Giveaway! #NYC

        We love sharing family friendly shows and entertainment here at Tough Cookie Mommy.  This is especially true when these shows are available for family fun within the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut Tri-State area.  That is why we are very excited to introduce you to the 2012 Nuclear Cowboyz® tour at IZOD Center on March 2-3, 2012.     Nuclear Cowboyz is a freestyle motocross tour that is full of high octane-fueled entertainment.  The show depicts the legend of two freestyle motocross tribes  whose survival in their futuristic world is acted out through freestyle aerial feats, stunts that surely defy gravity, and pyrotechnic displays accompanied by hard rock music and a narrative full of non stop action.          The 2012 Nuclear Cowboyz tour boasts having one of the best casts of freestyle motocross, trials and quad riders ever joined together to perform under one roof.  They include recent X Games 17 medalists Mike Mason, New Jersey’s Ronnie Faisst and Adam … [Read more...]