Monday Mingle #37 (Blog Hop)

    The time has come for us to network and get to know one another through Monday Mingle! This is our chance to let loose and meet new people with similar interests.  It is great to have a moment to say "hello" to all of you!"  This blog hop continues to be for everyone with NO RULES. Personally, I hate having to follow a bunch of rules just to connect with all of you so this hop will continue to be RULE FREE!     I hope you are all ready for a great week of networking. So please link up and follow each other on Google Friend Connect, Facebook, or Twitter. Monday Mingle will always be easy and fun because nobody wants to follow some boring list of blog hop rules. Here are the rules: WELCOME TO MONDAY MINGLE! 1) Please find it in your heart to follow my blog on Google Friend Connect or Facebook since I am the genius who came up with this idea, plus I would really appreciate it! 2) If you leave me a comment letting me know that you are following me through Monday Mingle, I can … [Read more...]