How Did You Shine It Forward This Monday? #MondaysForGood @JimmyDean #Ad

    Let's face it, Mondays are never any fun for anyone and we often spend the entire day lamenting over the fact that the weekend wasn't long enough.  Today was a particularly long Monday because of Daylight Savings Time this past Sunday when we set the clocks back one whole hour.  All of that just equalled an even longer beginning of the work week and it was hard to keep the momentum going at the job today.       It became quickly apparent this morning that I had to do something drastic to get this week off to the right start.  After all, whatever tone you set on Monday tends to follow you throughout the entire week.  Suddenly, it came to me and I realized that the best way to not let Monday get the best of me was by "shining it forward" and making this day matter by doing something nice for another person.       Yes, I know, it's a great idea but I cannot take the credit for it.  You see, Jimmy Dean is … [Read more...]