LeapPad™ learning tablet and Tag™ Reading System Review and Coupon Giveaway #LeapFrogParty

      There are certain brands that are just synonymous with fun and learning and the LeapFrog brand has meant exactly that for my family ever since my children were very young.  I cannot even begin to tell you guys how excited we were to have the opportunity to host a LeapFrog party here in our own home to highlight two incredible LeapFrog products, the LeapPad™ learning tablet and the Tag™ Reading System. The LeapPad™ learning tablet was the first item that my boys and I removed from the box when the package arrived to review.  Both of my sons immediately commented that it looked like their own personal computer tablet.  I have to say that I agreed with them and was extremely impressed by the sleek and techie look of the tablet.  We believe that it is very important for children living in these modern times to be exposed to and to learn all about technology and I could tell that this learning tablet would be wonderful for promoting learning in a variety of ways. LeapPad™ … [Read more...]