Don’t Call Me That!

        This past week, I seemed to spark a debate on some of the social media outlets by asking this simple question:  "Does the term Mommy Blogger offend you?"  Some women bloggers that I interact with regularly responded that the title does not offend them at all because they feel that they are mothers who blog.  Others responded that they are greatly offended by the term, either because they are not mothers and don't want to be categorized as such or because there seems to be a negative connotation to the title in some blogging circles.     Personally, I have no problem with being called a Mommy Blogger.  It would be silly for me to deny the fact that I am a mother who sometimes blogs about issues that are relevant to women who have children.  Although I have always considered myself to be a serious writer, I have never felt that this title somehow takes away from my validity as such.  It actually somewhat puzzles me as to why this term has become so offensive to some … [Read more...]