Momma’s Boy

         As I am writing this post, my youngest son is hovering nearby coming over from time to time to see what I am doing. Little does he know that I am writing about him. You see, as far as he is concerned, the sun rises and sets on my head. It's quite a big responsibility to be looked up to that much by another human being. His love and attention is something that humbles me on a daily basis. We have been partners for a long time, him and I.   A little over four years, to be exact...     He was born in one of the coldest months of the year, February. His entrance was a grand one with screaming and fussing to mark his arrival and his presence. I was shocked to see his red skin and his head of pitch black straight hair. My husband and I jokingly referred to him as our Little Papoose. Unfortunately, when we left the hospital with him, he already had a cold. This was no ordinary cold and, due to the negligence of a pediatrician who is no longer our pediatrician, it turned … [Read more...]