Did She Really Just Say That?

    Many of you know that this past year, I had to deal with some parents behaving badly in my son's class due to the presence of "Mom Cliques" and the children that they are raising to think that being mean spirited to others is acceptable.  One particular parent's son has been especially cruel to my son and to other children not only in class but also during organized sports.  It's been difficult to avoid it since all of the kids participate in these activities together within our community.     This past baseball season, my son and this boy ended up on the same baseball team much to my chagrin.  You see, this Momma Bear has had to go up against this mom and son duo before.  His mean antics continued right from the classroom to the baseball field and dugout.  He even went as far as to call some of the boys on the team "fagg&%ts" when they ran out of gum and did not have a piece to give him.  This was no surprise to me because this is the same boy who had called my son a … [Read more...]

Don’t Mess With Momma Bear!

      This past weekend, I have seen a side of Mom Cliques that even I wasn't prepared to accept.  Never, in a million years did I expect that their catty and petty ways would ever be directed at any of my children.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.     As you all know, this past week I was very sick with the flu and pneumonia.  Saturday morning was the first day that I ventured out to my 9 year old son's basketball tournament championship.  It turned out to be a wonderful morning since they took first place and we got to witness a beautiful awards ceremony.     That same afternoon, my son's were invited to the birthday party of another one of the boys on the basketball team.  Since I was still recuperating from being sick, my Father in Law offered to take the boys to the party.  I was very grateful to him and was happy that the boys would have that quality time to spend with their grandfather.     Later on that evening, I was notified by another parent that an incident had taken … [Read more...]