Create A Healthier Environment For Your Family With A Fellowes Air Purifier

      My family has struggled with allergies and asthma for decades.  Not only do my husband and I have asthma on both sides of our families, but our children both have asthma too.  While my older son's asthma is moderate and mostly under control, this is not the case with my younger son.  The reason for that is that he also has multiple allergies to such things as grass, trees, pollen, and mouse epithelium.     Yes, he is allergic to the dander that comes off the fur of mice.  I didn't think this was going to be a major concern as we don't have mice in our home, however, our doctor quickly explained to us that mice are everywhere and this dander that comes off of them can be in the air just about anywhere.  As a result, we have had to resort to controlling his asthma and allergies with preventative medicines and daily allergy medications.     We have tried everything to try to improve the quality of the air in our home to keep him from having allergic episodes and asthma … [Read more...]