Calm Parenting: 3 Ways to Stay Calm When Your Child is Angry

  The following is a guest post by Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC.     Are you a parent who feels at a loss when your angry child screams or throws a tantrum? Do you try to “fix” your child’s behavior only to feel frustrated yourself? As a mom of three, I’ve gone through it myself—it’s not easy! The entire family seems to get turned upside-down during the chaos.     While we can’t control how our children feel, we can control how we feel. In turn, our children will learn how to better manage their own emotions. Getting calm is hard when children are reactive, and staying calm is a whole other story. But it is possible to be a “calm parent.” How? Here are three tips: 1.  Don’t take it personally. Your child is not you, and you can’t control their reaction. So many parents think their children are extensions of themselves, and that’s not true. Don’t fall into the trap of taking on their emotions or blaming yourself. By not taking their screaming or anger personally, you will stay … [Read more...]