As most of you already know, I have been an English Language Arts Middle School teacher for the past ten years.  All of that time has been spent teaching inner city public school students.  I can tell you that everyday of teaching this age group is an adventure for a variety of reasons...First, they are at that age where they think that they are grown-ups and that they know everything.  Second, they are full of hormones that sometimes make them lose their minds and say and do things that are shocking to us adults.      Today, as I was teaching and interacting with my students, I thought that you guys would enjoy reading some of the things that my Darlings tell me on a daily basis.  So, without further ado, I present you with "Middle Schooler Quotes" courtesy of my students: "Mrs. C, I can't help eating candy and chewing gum in class.  The gum calls out to me and tells me, "Please chew me!" "Miss, could you please talk to "R."  He just licked my notebook and my … [Read more...]