Easy Garlic Olive Dip Recipe #MezzettaMemories @MezzettaFoods #Ad

    Some of my favorite holiday memories revolve around celebrating with my grandparents in Spain and enjoying the many delicious dishes that my grandmother prepared for our family dinners.  She always would joke that she wasn't an exceptional cook by any means but that she added her love to all of her recipes.  It didn't matter to me what she made because it all tasted heavenly and I enjoyed eating with those who truly mattered in my life.     Many of my grandmother's holiday recipes called for including olives such as her paella, her Spanish potato salad and her olive dip.  If you have ever traveled to Spain, you know that they have some of the most delicious olives in the world so every dish tasted better with them.  Since coming to the United States, the only olives that I have found that remind me of the olives in my grandmother's recipes are Mezzetta Olives.     The reason why Mezzetta Olives are so good is that they … [Read more...]