Carry More Of The Media And Apps You Love With You! #SanDisk @BestBuy @SanDisk #Partner

    It's almost September and that means that I will start to create my lesson plans for my new classes.  Since I love to include images in my presentations, it is important that I be able to carry my media with me when I am going back and forth between work and home.  I know that I can get a memory card to support safe storage for all of my devices at Best Buy.  As an educator, I use a mobile device or tablet daily and I need to access my files wherever I am.     SanDisk products are available from professional-grade camera memory to point-and-shoot SD cards to microSD cards.  They deliver industry-leading performance as well as reliability and are designed to meet the security, capacity, performance, and environmental requirements of all our modern devices.  That is very important because you should be assured that all of your precious images and memories will be protected for a long time.     In my case, not having the … [Read more...]

72 Days…

        I hate to give any additional attention to the topic of Kim Kardashian's divorce, however, I just couldn't help myself.  Besides being disgusted at all of the media attention that this whole issue is getting, I can't help but to be stuck on one point in this whole thing.  News reports indicate that comments have been made to the effect of that they tried to keep the marriage together for all of 72 days since the wedding.  As someone who has been married for 12 years next week, the first thought that comes to my mind is, "Are you freaking kidding me?"     Anyone who has ever been married can tell you that marriages are a lot of work.  Let me correct that, they are a hell of a lot of work.  I've often compared them to plants when discussing the whole issue with my friends and family.  You have to water, nurture, and care for a marriage much like you do for the plants in your home.  If you don't, they will just wither away and die.  Feelings will die, weeds will grow, soil … [Read more...]