Make Your Husband’s Man Cave Dream Come True! #ManCave @BestBuy #Ad

    I can't even begin to explain to you guys how often my husband has told me his elaborate plans for building a man cave in our next house.  We are hoping to purchase a second home in the next couple of years and he has this dream of creating the ultimate "Guy Experience," whatever that means.  He doesn't realize that I'm all for this idea because it would mean that I finally get to hold the television remote for a change and watch what I want to watch.     The definition of a man cave is a refuge where a guy can escape to, unwind, watch sports—his space, his rules, and where he has complete control. Technology is generally a big part of any respectable man cave, so to brag about what’s possible, Best Buy took a dilapidated, old basement and transformed it into something a little more “manly.”     Here’s some additional inspiration of six man cave ideas to help you get some brownie points with the man in your life: 6 Tech Ideas for the … [Read more...]