How Can You Teach Your Children Not To Lie? #StreamTeam @Netflix #Partner

    Before I had children, I assumed that when children lied it was because their parents never taught them any better or they learned to lie from their peers.  When I was growing up, my siblings and I were taught that lying was wrong and would not be tolerated so I resolved early on that this would be a value that I would pass on to my own kids.  That is why I'm always caught off guard when my boys get caught in a lie and I've come to realize that everyone lies at one point or another and that it is a part of life.     The reality is that parents lie all the time, even if they do it with good intentions.  Some of the lies we tell our kids are just to make things easier for us like telling them that the park is closed when we don't have time to take them there.  We tell other white lies because we want to make our children happy such as telling them that the Tooth Fairy put money under their pillow or that the Easter Bunny dropped off their Easter baskets.     The Rayburns, from … [Read more...]

The “Terrible Fours?”

       Lately, my four year old son, "E", has been engaging in some shenanigans that I am going to chalk up to the fact that he is a little boy and that he is testing the waters. You guys have to realize that, although "E" is my second son and I have gone through this age with my older one, my two boys couldn't be more like night and day. As a result of this, my husband and I find ourselves experiencing things with "E" that we never experienced with my oldest son. Let's just say that it has gotten to the point that we have to be very vigilant of "E" because he is constantly up to something and rarely has any qualms about concocting elaborate stories and explanations to defend what he has done.     Let's begin with what I like to call the "Soap Incident of 2010." I like to keep a beauty bar on top of the sink in the bathroom that I wash my face with daily. I've never had a problem with the kids touching it or playing with it and they know that it is Mommy's. One particular night, … [Read more...]