Let’s Talk Woman To Woman! @Lubrigyn #GetIntimate #Ad

    Let's face it, I'm surrounded by men and Testosterone in this house.  Aside from all of the wrestling and sports constantly streaming on our television, our bathroom is full of men's hygiene products.  My small corner full of feminine products can be found in a small space under the bathroom sink.     Clearly, this discussion would fall on deaf ears if I attempted to have it with the guys I live with.  That is why I decided to bring the conversation here to have with my large female following.  I know you ladies will understand when I ask you all to talk to me woman to woman!     I know many of you are still using soap and water to wash your most intimate areas and, let me tell you, this is leaving you open to getting irritation, dryness and discomfort.  You probably didn't even know that a fragile hydrolipid film protects the skin in your vaginal area and you are stripping it away when you wash with soap.     … [Read more...]