Limoges® Jewelry Review and Diamond Tennis Bracelet Giveaway

        Most of us love receiving jewelry gifts for the holidays.  It is even more touching when we receive heirloom jewelry items such as mother's jewelry that contains our children's birthstones.  Not only are these items beautiful to wear but they also have a special significance for us because they are a constant reminder of the love that we have for our children and how proud we are of our roles as mothers and nurturers.      I've personally been wanting to purchase a special mother's necklace to exhibit mine and my son's birthstones for a long time.  Unfortunately, most of the mother's jewelry that I have seen is very expensive and I have not been able to find the exact style that I was looking for.  My vision has been one of a necklace and some kind of a pendant with a heart in it but I wanted it to be unique and feminine.  Of course, cost has always been a consideration but not at the expense of losing quality.     I couldn't be more pleased when I was offered the … [Read more...]