FyrFlyz Review and Giveaway

    I'm sure I don't have to tell all of you that children love toys that light up and that they can do tricks with.  Since I have two boys, ages 5 and 8, I am always on the lookout to review toys that they will truly enjoy playing with and that will keep them active and away from the video games all of the time.  When I asked my 8 year old son if I should review FyrFlyz he immediately smiled and told me that I definitely should.     FyrFlyz is a spinning toy that creates amazing light shows right in your hands.  By spinning them around, kids can create beautiful Large Orbits.  If they turn them sideways, they can create Sydwynders.  By pulling the strings tightly, they can create Black Holes or loosen them up and create Shooting Stars.  Basically, the possibilities are endless and kids just have to keep spinning them in order to do tricks with different light effects. We decided to get the whole family together outdoors in the evening to try out our new FyrFlyz together.  Each … [Read more...]