Introducing The New Keurig 2.0 Hot Beverage Brewing System! @Keurig #Keurig #Giveaway #Ad

    Last year was the first time that I received the Keurig Brewing System.  I was so excited about being able to enjoy my coffee one cup at a time.  Not only was my new Keurig easy to use, but the coffee tasted delicious each and every time.  My husband even commented that he didn't think he would ever want another brewing system again.  We have been enjoying our Keurig ever since.     Recently, Keurig introduced the new Keurig 2.0 hot beverage brewing system.  It is the first Keurig brewer with the ability to brew both a single cup and a four-cup carafe at the touch of a button.  This was music to my ears because now, I would have more beverage choices and be able to brew coffee for more than one person as easily as I have become used to doing with my Keurig.     I love that the new K-Carafe packs allow you to brew up to four cups of coffee at once.  This feature will be especially useful during the holidays when my family is visiting.  My brother and his wife are huge coffee … [Read more...]

Busy Moms Keep Going With @Keurig #JustBrewIt #Ad

*I participated in this campaign on behalf of Keurig. I received a promotional item to facilitate this review and as a thank you item for participating. All opinions are my own.        My day can be pretty hectic.  If I told you everything that I do within a 24 hour period, you probably wouldn't even believe me.  Between getting my boys ready for school, teaching middle school students, blogging, running a household and driving my kids to all their activities I can barely keep my eyes open sometimes.  I like to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the morning to start my day off on the right foot but I just don't have the time to change filters and measure out spoonfuls of coffee.     This is exactly why Keurig is the perfect brewer for a busy and independent mom like myself.  You see, I can make a a delicious cup of coffee, tea, cocoa and a variety of other beverages less than 60 seconds and at the push of a button.  I'm not kidding, if I had to do anything more than that to get … [Read more...]