Give Me Some Sugar!

        My youngest son, "E", has a sweet tooth.  Actually to say that is an understatement because he is addicted to sweets.  Now, before you press the comment button to enlighten me about the importance of eating a balanced diet and limiting children's sugar intake, know that I already know and do all of these things.  My husband and I encourage our boys to eat healthy snacks and always have plenty of fruit available for the kids to eat.  After all, Hubby works in the produce business so he always has access to the best fruits and vegetables.     I'm not sure when E's love affair with sugar began.  Lately I have been wondering if it all started during my pregnancy with him.  Since I had gestational diabetes during that pregnancy, I adhered to a strict no sugar and limited carb diet.  Maybe that initial deprivation of any kind of sugar made him go crazy over it when he was finally able to taste it for the first time.  All I know is that he loves anything that contains sugar … [Read more...]