Cut Me Some Slack!

        Last week, I forgot to call my sister for her birthday.  It's not that I forgot her birthday because I was actually thinking about her all day at work.  The thing is that sometimes life has a funny way of happening and detouring our previous plans.  That is exactly what happened that evening...     It was last Thursday and I worked all day and was actually worried throughout the workday because my 5 year old's asthma kicked in right on schedule with the season and weather changes.  I kept him home that day because his chest was pretty tight and I didn't want to chance sending him to school and him having an attack without his father or I being around.  Luckily, I am able to do this and not worry because my husband works nights and he is home during the day if I ever have to keep the kids home because they are sick.     That afternoon, I called my husband from the car when I got home and asked him to bring the boys out to me so I could take them to the doctor.  I … [Read more...]

Breathing Space

        Today I realized that I have never had my own space.  It happened just when I was sitting down looking through some of my mail in the livingroom.  My husband had just walked into the room and I had just changed the channel on the television to a reality show that I often like to watch.  He immediately frowned but did not ask me to change the channel even though it was obvious that he did not want to watch what I had put on.  At that very moment I began to think about the fact that I have never had my own space to watch whatever I wanted to watch or to do whatever I wanted to do.     Growing up, I always shared a bedroom with my younger sister since we were both girls out of my parents' three children.  Even back then, I can recall always having to compromise about when we were going to turn the lights on or off or what we were going to watch on our television.  Sometimes we agreed and things went smoothly and other times we argued and only one of us ended up getting … [Read more...]