Bring Joy And Health To Your Family With Big Hero 6! #BigHero6Sweeps #Giveaway #Ad

*This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Disney Studios. However, all opinions expressed are my own.     Ever since I became a parent my priorities have changed and, at the very top of my list, is making sure that I do everything I can to bring joy and maintain good health for my family.  I know better than anyone how busy we can all get and how that sometimes sidetracks us from what really matters.  It is important to make a conscious effort, on a daily basis, to spend quality time together doing what really makes us happy or trae la felicidad.     En nuestro hogar, or our home, maintaining good communication is key in ensuring our happiness.  My husband and I have conversations with both of our sons every afternoon to recap the day's events.  Although we are both working parents, this allows us to be engaged in our boys' daily activities and shows them that we value taking the time out to reflect on their day.  As you can see from their smiles … [Read more...]

What Is The Key To Our Long And Happy Marriage? #SwifferEffect #Ad

*This sponsored post was written by me on behalf of Swiffer.  All opinions are 100% mine.     Many people often ask my husband and I what the key to our long and happy marriage is.  You see, we have been married for fourteen years this November and we really do have a great marriage.  I guess most are surprised that a marriage could last this long considering what the rate of divorce is in this country.     When I sit down to think about what makes our marriage so great there are many things that come to mind that make me smile about our relationship.  First and foremost, it's not a perfect one and that really is an important ingredient in this recipe for joy.  Anyone who tells you they have the perfect union is not being totally honest.  Accepting one another with all of our flaws is important and allows us to be honest with one another.     The next thing that has contributed to the longevity of our marriage is the fact that we have very open communication.  My husband and I … [Read more...]