Jake and the Never Land Pirates-Peter Pan Returns Review and Giveaway

    My boys are big fans of the show Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Junior.  They love pretending to be pirates and making believe that they are on a pirate ship having adventures out at sea.  I love to expose them to characters that ignite and spark their imaginations and this show definitely has that effect on them.     We were all very excited to have the opportunity to review the DVD premiere of Jake and the Never Land Pirates-Peter Pan Returns.  My son's were thrilled that we would have the opportunity to join Jake and his crew in search of Peter Pan's shadow!     It was wonderful to see the most famous Never Land hero of all time, Peter Pan, return to join Jake and the Never Land Pirates in their first-ever full-length adventure.  Those of you who are familiar with the character of Peter Pan know that he sure knows how get children to use their imaginations.  Along with Jake and his friends, they create a magical storyline that appeals to all ages.     While playing … [Read more...]

Arrgh, Mateys! Celebrate Winter Treasure Day With Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Junior!

        Lately, all I have been hearing about from my five-year old is how much he loves this show Jake and the Never Land Pirates on the Disney Channel.  He told me that he loves that Jake and the Never Land Pirates have a secret hideout that the bad guys cannot get into because it is a secret.  My son thinks that Jake is an awesome character because he does "all kinds of cool stuff."      It wasn't until I had a chance to check it out for myself that I realized why my son loves it so much.  Besides the fact that the characters are entertaining and wholesome, I love that Disney has started to provide programming for younger children that is available throughout the day.  In my home, this is especially helpful during  those later afternoon/early evening hours when my son likes to unwind and watch a little television before dinner and after he has finished his homework from Pre-Kindergarten.  As a matter of fact, Disney is going to be launching a brand new standalone 24-hour … [Read more...]