Explore The World With Your Children And Intel 2in1! #Intel2in1 @Intel @Lenovo #Ad

    My family and I had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend at a well-known resort in New Jersey last week.  Not only did my boys and my nephew have an amazing time, but they were prepared for their trip in advance because we used out Intel 2in1 to research the hotel and all its amenities.       As a result, they knew exactly what to expect with regards to the food that was offered at the on-site restaurant and the activities that were being offered for families and their children.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited they were when they found out that the resort boasts an indoor basketball court and a total of seven indoor and outdoor pools.     The Lenovo Yoga with Intel 2in1 is everything that you’ve ever wanted in a laptop and a tablet.  We used it to look at vibrant images of the resort and the hotel that we were going to be staying in.  Everyone in our home loves it because it can easily be converted from a … [Read more...]

Check Out How We Use My Intel 2In1 To Just Have Fun! #Intel2in1 @Intel @Lenovo #Ad

      Last time I talked to you guys about my Lenovo Yoga with Intel Intel 2in1 we discussed how it makes my life easier and more productive as a blogger.  What I haven't shared with you all are the fun ways that my family and I enjoy using it for recreational purposes and entertainment!     To be honest, everyone in our home loves it because it can easily be converted from a fully functioning laptop to a touchscreen tablet.  Its hinge design allows us to enjoy more stable touch usage and lays flat at 180 degrees which is perfect for watching some of our favorite streaming shows and movies.  At any given moment, you can find one of my boys tucked under the covers with the my Intel 2in1 on his lap.     When I asked my twelve year-old what his favorite thing to do on my Lenovo Yoga with Intel 2in1 his response was to play games on it.  He says that he enjoys being able to have fun on electronics and my Intel 2in1 makes the whole experience easier for him because he can … [Read more...]

Check Out How I Use My Intel 2In1 For Blogging! #Intel2in1 @Intel @Lenovo #Ad

    Any blogger will tell you that his or her laptop is one of the most important tools of their trade.  You will often see us at media events toting them and whipping them out during interviews and meetings.  It goes without saying that having a reliable and efficient device is necessary to being a successful blogger in the blogosphere.     Recently, while I was at the nail salon enjoying some of the little "Me" time that I manage to fit in between taking my sons to basketball games and teaching middle school students in New York City, I noticed that my nail technician was streaming movies on a new tablet.  The thing that struck me about her tablet was that it was a laptop that you could turn into a tablet.  When she explained to me that it was a convertible laptop with Intel 2in1, I knew right away that I had to have one for myself.     The moment I was notified that I would have the opportunity to review the Lenovo Yoga with Intel 2in1, I knew that my life as a blogger would … [Read more...]