Cheaters Beware!

    Yesterday we had a writing celebration in my class. Each one of my students had to get up and read their published personal narratives to the whole group. Little did I know then that the topic of one of their narratives would have an impact on this blog entry. One of my girls proceeded to read her piece which focused on the day her father left her. She described that sad day in vivid detail and even went on to say that he left her, her brother, and their mother for another woman.     Of course, this got my wheels turning about this whole issue of infidelity. Nobody ever wants to talk about it but yet, we all have some kind of a story or personal connection to share that is directly related to this sometimes taboo subject. We know why the cheaters don't want to talk about it, that is obvious. However, why don't the rest of us talk about it when we are not at fault?     There are many reasons why men and women alike stray from committed relationships into the arms of others who … [Read more...]